Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Business Workshop

Jon and Debbie (BAM – Business As Missions Team) finished their three-day workshop today called, “How a Good Business Plan Can Double the Chances of Your Business’ Success and Increase the Impact it Will Have For the Kingdom of God”. We talked about how our God is One who plans, and how critical it is for us to have a solid business plan. We showed them why 8 out of 10 businesses fail, and helped them work through all the different sections of a Business Plan. It was a workshop, so they were writing their plan as the workshop progressed.

There were eight young men and women who attended the workshop, 6 of which grew up at GSF. Here in Uganda, you see so many young people who are struggling for one reason or another, often as a result poor choices by them or someone around them. It was such an encouragement for us to see these young adults who are maturing and making good choices, and have a desire to learn and grow and use the skills God has given them to build Godly businesses that have a ministry focus. It was a privilege to step into the middle of the harvest, the result of the many workers like Bob and Carolyn who served so diligently at GSF for many, many years. By the end of the conference it was exciting to see them challenging one another and helping each other with the material. There is such a need here for critical thinking in Uganda because it is not taught in the schools. But these young people received it with excitement and were so appreciative to learn. At the end of the conference, one of the young men said to us, “This does not leave us the same.”

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